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Car Mat Patterns

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***Tailored to fit car mats to suit the following vehicle makes***
***Not original manufactured equipment, images for illustration purposes only***

Auris 2012> boot mat

Auris 2013 taxi version with 1 pc rearmat

Auris Hybrid 2013 Estate Boot mat when vehicle has storage trays on each side of the boot compartment

Auris hybrid boot mat 2012>

Auris hybrid estate boot mat 2013>

Corolla Hybrid 2019 Taxi version with 1 piece rear mat

Corolla Hybrid 2019-

Corolla Hybrid Estate Boot mat 2019-

Dyna Truck 2008-

Hi Lux 2001-2012 Double cab Loadspace mat when liner fitted

Hi lux 2005-2011 double cab special 2 wheel drive version

Hi Lux Double 2016 loadspace mat

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